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My name is Fabienne Mendoza and I'm a hypnotherapist.

Like the Hummingbird (Colibri), who according to Amerindian legend tries to extinguish fire with the drops of water he carries, I've chosen to do my part, with Wisdom and determination, by accompanying you on the path to physical and psychological well-being.

To do so, I offer you personalized, tailor-made support in a place created especially for you. A warm space where you can feel safe and secure, a cocoon of gentleness that will enable you to relax, drop your mental load, recharge your batteries, allow you to dream, take a step back and gain perspective on your life. All this so that you can go home perfectly relaxed, serene and motivated to make beneficial changes in your life.


Attentive, non-judgmental listening, Ericksonian hypnosis sessions and well-being massages are the pillars of my support. I want to share with you all my secrets for living in balance and, above all, in harmony with your deepest values. 

I invite you to discover hypnomassage, for an even more pleasant journey.

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