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Therapeutic hypnosis
(or hypnotherapy)

A fabulous tool for change within everyone's reach

  • A natural state

Hypnosis is a natural state that you experience every day without being aware of it. This is the case when you're completely absorbed in a series, a good book or an activity that demands your full attention and makes you lose track of time.

  • Helps modify behaviors

It's a gentle yet highly effective method for accessing your unconscious resources. It enables you to change the sometimes toxic behaviors you've learned or acquired that prevent you from moving forward, with behaviors that are beneficial and, above all, more in line with your present goals.

  • Finding solutions in the unconscious mind

Being in a hypnotic state simply enables you to give voice to your unconscious, which is overflowing with resources that are often unavailable in a conscious state. Ericksonian hypnosis focuses on solutions, on what you can change to feel better and live serenely.

  • Keeping only what's good for you

My role is to help you with the process of sorting through your thoughts and behaviors, a bit like putting your cluttered dressing room in order, deciding to keep what you can use and get rid of what you need to get rid of to free up space and welcome what fits who you are today.

In short, the hypnotherapist's role is to light the path that leads to your resources and, therefore, to your solutions.

What happens during a session?

Each session begins with an interview to get to know each other, understand where you are and define a clear goal. The session continues with a relaxation session that brings you into a state of physical and mental well-being. This relaxation then gives way to hypnotic work, guided by my voice. Throughout the session, you hear everything, you keep your free will, you're simply in a state of somnolence that allows your unconscious to open up to solutions, to new perspectives. Everything takes place in a seated position, face to face.

How to check the effectiveness of a session?

This approach requires strong motivation and commitment. Each person reacts differently, and results can be immediate or gradual, depending on the individual's background and motivation. The benefits of a session may appear weeks or months later, but in any case they'll come at the right time for you, when you're really ready to change.

Here are a few examples of what hypnotherapy can change:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety, become "Zen".

  • Approach a life change with serenity

  • Better prepare for upcoming surgery

  • Regain desire, energy, tone and vitality

  • Recover quality sleep

  • Public speaking with confidence

  • Free yourself from the fear of judgment (shyness, self-image)

  • Assert yourself, set limits, improve communication

  • Turn hypersensitivity into an asset

  • Overcome fears and phobias

  • Understand and get rid of eating disorders 

  • Alleviate chronic pain (low back pain, endometriosis, etc.)

  • Free yourself from addictions 

  • Become a non-smoker ...

Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for medical treatment. Any treatment must be continued and can only be reviewed by your doctor. I don't make diagnoses; my role is to help you feel better, to relieve you and to enable you to make some beneficial changes.


The massage I practice is an enveloping, gentle and relaxing well-being massage. The areas massaged are the skull, back and feet, according to my clients' preferences. It's an ideal way to relax, to lighten up, comfortably installed in a cocoon of softness, lulled by a musical ambience that suits you. This gentle interlude brings deep relaxation and allows you to return to your life more serene and rested. Stress relief guaranteed.


Create a peaceful and relaxing bubble to facilitate the work of your unconscious mind

A successful hypnotherapy session always begins with a relaxation session. It's a gentle way of approaching the unconscious. Some people feel the need to lie down and have a massage to achieve the ideal level of relaxation.

That's why I suggest a moment of pure physical relaxation, followed by a hypnotherapy session. 

Have you ever noticed that certain solutions or positive ideas emerge just after a good sports session or a relaxing leisure activity? That's precisely my aim: to use physical relaxation to unleash your creativity.

And conversely, it can be very pleasant to prolong a hypnotherapy session with a massage, to integrate even better the new ideas breathed in by your unconscious (your best ally).

“The language of the body is the key that can unlock the soul.”

Konstantin Stanislavski

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