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Extend the benefits of your vacation and reduce your mental workload

September ... Your pretty complexion reminds you of the vacations, you've just spent a few days or weeks enjoying yourself and relaxing, and yet you feel as if the machine is running out of control and the to-do list is getting longer by the day.

What if, this autumn, you chose to take care of yourself right now, to better manage everything that comes your way? To change certain habits, to do things differently so that your mental load decreases? To make the most of life.

And what if you learned to save your strength and intelligence and invest them in what makes you feel good? Just imagine what you could do with all the energy and time you spend brooding over toxic thoughts.

I'd be delighted to help you do just that, so that you can start the new school year with serenity and well-being.

Happy back-to-school ;-)

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