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How hypnosis works on pain

Se débarrasser des douleurs grâce à l'hypnose

In this podcast, Dr. Florian Bailly, rheumatologist and head of the pain center at La Pitié Salpêtrière in Paris, shares an amazing experience of pain relief through hypnosis . A patient suffering from neuropathic pain found remarkable relief after just one hypnosis session. Contrary to widespread belief, hypnosis is not only effective for stress-related pain, but can also bring significant benefits to organic pain.

The patient, aged 70, was suffering from persistent neuropathic pain following chemotherapy. He was looking for alternatives to the restrictive drug treatment.

Initially skeptical about the efficacy of hypnosis on organic pain, Dr. Bailly followed the steps of a hypnosis session. A week later, the patient was not only smiling, but his pain had disappeared.

Medical hypnosis acts on the emotional experience of pain by modifying the patient's state of consciousness. This mobilizes internal resources to modify pain perception, even in cases of nerve damage. Dr. Bailly emphasizes that speech can play a powerful role in modulating brain mechanisms, offering a promising prospect for pain management.

In conclusion, this story demonstrates the power of speech and hypnosis to positively influence pain perception, paving the way for complementary approaches to pain treatment.


If you too suffer from chronic pain and this podcast has inspired you to turn to hypnosis, let's get together and give yourself a chance to get better..

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