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Saturday, January 27, International Puzzle Day

So what? What do puzzles have to do with hypnosis, you might ask?

When I accompany my customers, I often have the impression that they're bringing me a puzzle box that they've started over and over again, then abandoned. Quite often, they've tried different approaches to get to the end of the puzzle; they've asked around, sought advice, read books to fit all the pieces of their lives together. But there are often areas where they can't move forward. So the puzzle remains incomplete, and they can't feel the satisfaction of a completed puzzle. It's a bit like the pebble in the shoe. That feeling that something needs to be solved is there, in the background.

During our first appointment, I create the optimum conditions for them to feel relaxed, confident and secure. I like to welcome them in a warm and cosy place. In this atmosphere conducive to well-being, we look for the corners together, which allows us to set a framework. Then we look together for rooms with a flat edge, to define the contours. I gently guide them as they place the pieces of the puzzle in front of me, because that's the role of the hypnotherapist: to guide them to their resources, to that space deep inside them, and to find the answers to all their questions. Finding the pieces, understanding that each facet of their personality has its place, its role, and that when everything fits together correctly, then they find balance, energy and serenity. And above all, they'll find a new sense of purpose and meaning in their lives.

You may have noticed that the further you go in solving a puzzle, the easier it becomes. The missing pieces seem to present themselves to us as if by magic. Well, it's the same with hypnotherapy. Each session is an opportunity to cover new areas, and between sessions, the brain continues to work in the background, seeking and finding solutions, sometimes in the course of a dream. This is precisely where changes are triggered. It's at this point that those around you notice certain changes, and we can hear, "That's strange, you're not reacting as usual!", "That's strange, you're staying zen, you usually go off at the drop of a hat! "It's also at this time that we dare to be ourselves, to assert ourselves, to set limits, to express ourselves, to reconnect with certain people or, on the contrary, to free ourselves from them, to embark on new activities, new hobbies.

It's exciting to witness these changes, which are possible at any age, as we begin the process of taking care of ourselves and completing the puzzle of our lives.

Happy International Puzzle Day!

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