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Slim down without getting frustrated thanks to hypnosis

Would you like to slim down without getting frustrated while taking care of your health?

It's possible, if you change the balance of your lifestyle.

This means transforming the vicious circle you may feel trapped in into a virtuous circle in which self-esteem plays a central role. It means removing certain toxic thoughts that often formed during childhood and seem ineradicable.

Next, it's necessary to become aware of your eating habits in detail, and to sort them out in order to modify them more effectively. Of course, observing and understanding what triggers nibbling or craving is an essential step.

Reconnecting with your true sense of hunger and satiety is also essential to achieving this profound change. Self-hypnosis plays a fundamental role in reinforcing this reconnection with your true needs.

An equally important stage in the desired change is learning how to please, soothe, comfort or reward yourself in ways other than through food.

And, above all, understanding that embarking on a diet will certainly bring you visible results as you reduce your calorie intake. But at what cost? And for how long this time?

It's much healthier and more pleasant to modify your eating habits gently, taking into account your triggers, deep-seated motivations and any blockages, so that the real change operates on several levels and is reflected in your new habits (choice of food, exercise, relaxation methods). All this is possible thanks to hypnosis sessions, and to help you anchor these new eating habits and maintain your motivation, I record personalized self-hypnosis sessions which I recommend listening to once a day.

The support I offer you is not a diet, it's an in-depth change, a change at the root of what has led you to adopt an eating behavior that is not in phase with the lifestyle you aspire to.

Feeling the satisfaction of being in control, feeling that you're at peace with your relationship to food, is a very gratifying and soothing sensation. It may even be the first step in encouraging you to change other areas of your life, so ... think about it.

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