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What a pleasure to see you feeling better thanks to hypnosis!

When I meet my customers for the first time, I often hear the same words describing their feelings.

Here's a non-exhaustive list of words that often conceal ills;

  • I'm stressed all the time

  • I'm exhausted

  • I feel irritable, sensitive

  • I feel bad about myself

  • I think I'm rubbish

  • I'd like things to changeJ


So I take the time to really listen to you, asking you questions that, from one session to the next, prompt you to reflect and become aware of what you could change to feel better. Already, you're noticing some changes.

And when the hypnotic work begins, the ground is prepared, and that's when the biggest changes take place.

As the sessions progress, these changes are confirmed and lead to others. After a few weeks, sometimes more, I hear the following phrases:

  • I'm feeling much better

  • I have lots of projects

  • I've taken up sport again

  • I've changed my diet

  • I'm much cooler

  • I've understood what's essential for my balance

  • I manage better

  • My loved ones tell me I've changed (for the better!)

  • I've taken up hobbies I'd given up

  • I've finally managed to get rid of what was blocking me

So THANK YOU for your feedback, congratulations on your progress and take care of yourself. Seeing you get better is what motivates me every day.


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