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Therapeutic hypnosis
wellness massages

"Life is the sum of all your choices.

So, what are you doing today?"

Albert Camus

Fabienne Mendoza

Welcoming, listening, discovering, observing, understanding, positively influencing, giving rise to hope, restoring desire, enlightening, guiding, asking the question that will make people think and trigger positive change, liberating, soothing, inspiring, laughing, spreading good cheer, radiating. This is what inspires me to get up every day, what brings meaning to my life.

They tried it and loved it

"First hypnotherapy experience very very satisfying!!!! Fabienne will make you feel at ease at first contact, she will question you at length in order to fully understand why you want to try hypnosis sessions, she will set up a climate of trust, show you the markers to follow, she will challenge you and bring you to awareness. In short, for me, the results were clear after 2 sessions. Fabienne inspires gentleness and serenity, and I highly recommend her for hypnotherapy."

"At the start of my 1st experience with Fabienne I was hesitant and full of preconceived ideas about hypnosis. When I came into contact with her, the magic happened: the feeling was immediately established between us. Her professionalism and skills, her communicative gentleness and serenity enabled me to move forward. The hummingbird (colibri), the fastest bird in the world, got me back on track thanks to Fabienne's magic and her invaluable help.

"We called on Fabienne for hypnosis sessions because following the ups and downs of life (COVID; operation; relapse of cancer etc. ...) a great deal of stress had set in: fear of the future! Disturbed sleep! Various disorders intervened! Fabienne is a great listener, she observes and understands. Through her skills and professionalism, she restores self-confidence and helps us rediscover our zest for life. Thank you for your much appreciated help."

"After enjoying Fabienne's massages, I was able to enjoy her expertise through hypnosis sessions. Although hesitant at first, her kindness and professionalism convinced me and I don't regret it. Thank you to Sage Colibri, who really knows how to convey a positive and serene vision of life, while helping everyone to move forward at their own pace."

"I 1000% recommend the massage sessions with Fabienne! I had a super relaxing time, she took the time to understand my needs and massage preferences. She relieved my muscular tension, and I just let myself go, it was great. She exudes incredible energy, which I felt through her gentle hands. I felt completely at ease throughout the session, thanks to her warm welcome, kindness, gentleness and attention to detail. She created a soothing, relaxing atmosphere in this beautiful room with soft music. It was truly a moment of pure bliss! Thank you so much."

"I have had several massage sessions with Fabienne to solve my back problems, 100% satisfied. She is very attentive and provides personalized sessions, thank you Fabienne for your kindness and efficiency. I highly recommend her."

"Listening, caring, relaxation and well-being guaranteed. The head massage is particularly relaxing and welcome after a week's work. Sage Colibri is an outstanding address."

I work with you through therapeutic hypnosis and wellness massages to free you from limiting behaviors and to restore control over your life.



Once you're in the driver's seat, you'll feel free to take the path to fulfillment and well-being, and to drop the first domino that will trigger all the necessary changes.



From then on, you'll become the protagonist of your own life.

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"To know one life has breathed easier because you have lived, this is to have succeeded."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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